Entrepreneurial Optimism

Entrepreneurs, by definition, are optimistic. When reality intervenes and that optimism wanes, Worldwide Local Connect can help.

Wrapped Up in Spain

Spain is so much more than the dated images one sees on travel websites. It is home to startups that are reinventing textiles and clothing.

Excessive Work Hours

Excessive work is the bane of an entrepreneur’s existence . . . and that of his or her business if it persists.

Startups Aren’t Perfect

Perfection is not a viable short term goal for startups. MVPs, beta sites, and other compromises are the norm.

Inflation: How to Manage It

Inflation is at levels not seen for decades. Small business owners would be well served learning how to manage in inflationary times.

The IRS Wants Your Picture

The IRS wants your picture. It will soon require users of its website to submit photos for verification by its biometric security system.

Quite the Contrary . . .

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Peter Dragone - Co-founder of Keurig.