Startups Aren’t Perfect

Perfection is not a viable short term goal for startups. MVPs, beta sites, and other compromises are the norm.

Unlimited Vacation

A position offering “unlimited vacation” can seem quite attractive. Don’t take this sound bite at face value.

Inflation: How to Manage It

Inflation is at levels not seen for decades. Small business owners would be well served learning how to manage in inflationary times.

The IRS Wants Your Picture

The IRS wants your picture. It will soon require users of its website to submit photos for verification by its biometric security system.

Branding Luck

Many attribute branding success to how well one plans and executes a marketing strategy. Branding luck also plays a role.

Office Holiday Party 2021

The office holiday party. Once a dreaded annual gathering fraught with career-threatening dangers. Now just an endangered species.

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