Meet Your Roommates

Your local water meets all the established standards? Take no comfort there. It could still be full of contaminants.

News You May Have Missed

While you were working, I was scouring the internet for the news that really matters. Here are the fruits of my labors.

Mice Ate My Prius

Own a Prius? Worried about catalytic converter thieves? Rest easy. You should be more concerned about mice.

FKA Goofing Off

Today my work resembles something FKA (formerly known as) goofing off. Here are a few random thoughts to help you do the same.

Hackers Have Your DNA

Thinking about using an online genetic testing service? Think again. It may not be worth the privacy risks.

This Call May Be Monitored

Big companies need your data and/or your consent. No need to worry. It’s just for quality assurance purposes.

Quite the Contrary . . .

Do The Math

Do The Math

Don’t like math? You’re not alone. Even so, if you don’t take the time to “do the math,” your facts may not be. Facts.

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