ESG Myths

ESG ratings measure the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment/company. Great. Just don’t believe all the ESG marketing claims.

Shrinkflation and Coffee

Shrinkflation is the inflation that one is not supposed to notice. For some coffee drinkers it is immediately apparent.

Cows Against Inflation

A Zimbabwe pension fund invests in and pays out in cows. It’s a lesson in how nonmonetary assets can be a hedge when inflation soars.

Business Failure: Read All About It

I recommend that you read these 5 books about business failure. No need to take notes. The lessons presented are both obvious and memorable.

Basement Office Savings

Working from your unfinished basement can be depressing. That is, until working there saves you a fortune in environmental clean-up costs.

Gesualdo Daydream

Ever daydreamed about buying an Italian villa for one euro? Read on to learn about my Gesualdo, Campania dream derailed.

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