A Sure Thing

Today’s online fraud? Sports handicapping scammers. They’re betting they can deceive you. In fact, it’s a sure thing.

The Usual Suspects

Cows are easy to blame for methane gas emissions. They do a lot of emitting. Feeding them more seaweed would help.

The Bluetooth Blues

Everybody uses Bluetooth. Everywhere. All the time. You should not. Consider turning off your phone’s Bluetooth when in public places.

Criminal Passwords

If you are using passwords with fewer than 15 digits, you are at risk. Review the three basic rules of password strength here.

QR Code Scams

Think twice before scanning that QR code. Malicious QR codes are a growing problem. Learn how to protect yourself.

You Are Free to Disparage

Laid off? Is there a non-disparagement clause in your severance agreement? Worry about it no longer. The NLRB has ruled such language invalid.

Quite the Contrary . . .

How Can I Help You?

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