Startups Aren’t Perfect

Perfection is not a viable short term goal for startups. MVPs, beta sites, and other compromises are the norm.

Change Your Default Settings

Take a moment to review and change your default privacy settings and app permissions. Especially after updates.

ESG Myths

ESG ratings measure the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment/company. Great. Just don’t believe all the ESG marketing claims.

Subscription Red Tide

Excess subscription costs are a financial red tide for many small companies: Too small to notice at first, yet potentially toxic.

Unlimited Vacation

A position offering “unlimited vacation” can seem quite attractive. Don’t take this sound bite at face value.

Shrinkflation and Coffee

Shrinkflation is the inflation that one is not supposed to notice. For some coffee drinkers it is immediately apparent.

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Buzz Words

Buzz Words

One man's core competency may be another man's buzz word. Even terms considered unassailable and positive may have different interpretations.

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