Phone Carriers and SSNs

Would you give your SSN to someone who routinely mishandled such information? No? Then, why give it to cell phone services?

A Sure Thing

Today’s online fraud? Sports handicapping scammers. They’re betting they can deceive you. In fact, it’s a sure thing.

The Usual Suspects

Cows are easy to blame for methane gas emissions. They do a lot of emitting. Feeding them more seaweed would help.

Watch Out for Myths

Selling to Millennials or Gen Zers? Watch out for misinformation. Old stereotypes and broad brush assumptions won’t work.

Right to File for Bankruptcy

If all else fails, at least you can seek protection from creditors by filing for personal bankruptcy. It’s a constitutional right; or is it?

No Fun at Work

No fun at work. Mr. T was fired because he did not believe in mixing work and fun. He sued for wrongful dismissal. And won.

Quite the Contrary . . .

ESG Myths

ESG Myths

ESG ratings measure the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment/company. Great. Just don’t believe all the ESG marketing claims.

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