I could write something worthwhile, but why change now?  Here are some random musings for your perusal:

Mail and Mailboxes, An Inverse Relationship
As USPS delivered mail becomes less-and-less important, homeowners invest more-and-more money in their mailboxes.  In suburban Boston simple metal or wooden mailbox posts are being replaced with expensive granite ones.

Is there a mailbox influencer on social media I should be following?

The Once and Future King
In the face of climate change and ESG investing, King Coal’s reign must surely be drawing to a close.  Nope!  Demand for coal exceeded 8 billion tons for the first time ever in 2022.  Why?  Because coal remains an affordable alternative to natural gas, oil, and renewables.  By the way, don’t assume that the world’s “coal enablers” are all foreigners.  Some are much closer to home.  Take Goba Capital, an investment firm based in Miami which plans to grow its coal investments by eight-fold over the next 6 years.  The King is dead, long live the King?

The Mystery of the Car In the Tree
The best random musings involve mysteries.  Here’s one that could happen to most anyone with a Massachusetts driver’s license:  It’s after midnight as you cruise along a dark, rain soaked, Bay State highway when, presto-chango, you find yourself splayed across the dash of your car, a car that’s now hanging from a tree.  Don’t panic.  After all, the chances are very good that there’s a Dunkin nearby; your next step is obvious.  That’s right; remove the plates and registration and hope they can’t trace the VIN. 

Harvard Medical School Morgue Scandal
The manager of the morgue at Harvard Medical School, a miscreant with the Brahmin like-name of Cedric Lodge, was charged with stealing and selling body parts this week. I’m guessing Cedric spent too much time across the river at the Harvard Business School.  Talk about a business plan!  Free cost of goods.  Recognized, international brand (HMS).  Limited competition.  Did I mention, no taxes?

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Peter Dragone - Co-founder of Keurig.