Link Rot

The internet is losing its memory. Over time link rot sets in, leaving users with blank screens displaying 404 errors. Learn what you can do.

Are Your Ready?

Are you ready for an automated video interview (AVI)? AI-assisted or AI-led interviews are here to stay. Follow these steps to get ready.

Privacy Policies

If there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s privacy policies. We all click our approvals. Yet, have you ever read those policies? You should.

Juice Jacking

The FBI issued a warning about a crime called juice jacking. Boston authorities say it’s not a problem there. Maybe. Take these steps anyway.

You Are Free to Disparage

Laid off? Is there a non-disparagement clause in your severance agreement? Worry about it no longer. The NLRB has ruled such language invalid.

Zombie Emails and Phones

Had your identity stolen? Changed the contact information on all your accounts? Thinking you’re OK? Think again. Zombie info never dies.

Quite the Contrary . . .

Buzz Words

Buzz Words

One man’s core competency may be another man’s buzz word. Even terms considered unassailable and positive may have different interpretations.

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