Mr. T is not happy.  He dislikes his boss and his coworkers, refusing to spend time with them after work.  He believes in no fun at work.  But don’t try to fire him.  At least, don’t try to if you’re a French employer.

I’m not referring to that Mr. T.

This individual, referred to as Mr. T in French court documents, just won a landmark case.  His employer, Cubik Partners, fired him for professional deficiency.  According to the legal filings, Mr T got the boot because he refused to adhere to the “fun-yet-professional” values of the company.  After-work drinking proved to be a large part of that valued fun.  Mr. T sued for wrongful dismissal and won.

While you and I might welcome spending more time in a Parisian bar, Mr. T claimed that the so-called, “fun” involved excessive alcohol consumption, promiscuity, bullying, and related misconduct.  In a bar?  Really?

OK, it does sound believable. The court agreed, ruling that Mr. T’s refusal to participate was just exercising his freedom of expression.  (I wonder if they flashed the lights a few times or threw some ammonia on the floor when they announced the verdict.)

Clearly, this was one trip to the bar that was not much fun for Cubik Partners. They are expected to appeal.

And Mr T?  He’s still seeking ~$500,000 for legal fees and lost wages. This guy is just never happy.

Peter Dragone - Co-founder of Keurig.