My planned, late summer trip to France, long in jeopardy of a coronavirus cancelation, now seems a lost cause as the EU prepares to restrict US travelers’ access. Another disappointment in a year full of them. I really can’t get excited about organizing a post-vaccine, 2021 vacation; it’s just too far off. I need something else. Something sooner. Like a new Fito y Fitipaldis release.

Fito y Fitipaldis is probably the best band you have never heard of. Unless you’re from Spain. Were you from Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona, or most anywhere else on the Iberian Peninsula you’d know of them. Fito Cabrales (pictured) and his bandmates have been entertaining fans throughout Europe for the past twenty two years. Until about five years ago they were consistently (voted) among the most popular acts in Spain. Yet, like this blog, one needs new material to get attention. Fito y Fitipaldis’ last album debuted in 2014.

Six years is a long time. Attention spans are short.

Fortunately, the wait will soon be over. The band finished recording in February and plans to release its new album in the Fall. To cheer his beleaguered fans, Fito Cabrales released a new single, “Vivimos Bajo un Cielo Hermético,” in March. For many in a country particularly hard-hit by Covid-19, it was a very pleasant diversion.

So, while I cannot fly to Europe and forget temporarily our many societal and political challenges, I can still escape this Fall. Come to think of it, maybe I’ll spend some of my airfare refund on new headphones.


Peter Dragone - Co-founder of Keurig.